Product Care

Rug Care and Cleaning Instructions:

Wool rugs are extremely durable, making them well suited to entries, hallways, kitchens and dining rooms. Lanolin, a naturally occurring oil in wool, makes wool rugs more resistant to stains than other materials.
Shedding is normal in high-quality wool rugs. It is a natural process inherent to the material and will decrease over time. The amount of shedding will depend on the traffic pattern and use of your rug. All our wool rugs use long-fiber wool, which is less prone to shedding than shorter fibers.

● If your rug arrives folded, unfold and place the rug on a hard floor while it relaxes.
● Rotate the rug every 6 months to avoid uneven fading and wear.
● Avoid direct sunlight to prevent UV damage or fading.
● Use rug protectors under heavy furniture to avoid flattening the pile.

● Vacuum regularly using suction only, no bristles. Regular vacuuming will reduce shedding over time.
● Sprouting is absolutely normal and it does not mean your rug has any defects or problems. This can be caused by pet nails, high heels, or even vacuuming; to remove these sprouts is to simply trim the sprout to the height of the pile of your rug, Do not just pull them out! This will cause your beautiful rugs to have bald spots.
● Avoid use of beater-bar type vacuum as they may cause yarns to pull or snag. If snagging does occur, avoid pulling yarn knots out of the surface pile. If necessary, clip them to be even with the pile surface.

● Professional cleaning is recommended; send the rug to a professional service with experience cleaning fine rugs.
● Try to get to spots while they're still wet or fresh. They'll lift more easily.
● First, use a spoon, dull knife or a carpet cleaning key to remove as much solid material as possible.
● Use water first. Dampen a towel or other cloth and blot. Don't start off scrubbing.
● Wipe gently and turn the cloth frequently. Never rub, scrub or use a brush. This can cause
the spot to spread, distort the carpet pile and/or damage carpet fibers.
● You can use gentle soap or detergent on wool or other rugs, as long as they're color-fast.
● If your kids get gum on the rug, harden the gum with ice and scrape it off with a butter knife.