About Us

Dating back to 4th century BC, Pazyryk carpet is the world’s oldest carpet and it was woven with the symmetrical double knot also known as the Turkish knot. Among the myriad of cultures with their distinctive qualities inhabiting the earth, Turks are known for their carpet weaving culture. Until a century ago, every household in Anatolia had a carpet weaving loom and every region would adhere to its own traditional patterns using natural plant dyes to create their own rugs for their homes or they would sell them in the markets for commercial use.

With their skilled craftsmanship and high quality natural materials, the 3rd generation Koker family is continuing the tradition of Turkish carpet weaving and their flourishing legacy continues to thrive operating in different parts of the world and the U.S market.

The family’s mission is to support and contribute to the art of creating durable Turkish handknotted rugs with the goal to pass them down to future generations. Our supply chain starts from the weaving loom and goes to our whole sale centers and retail stores and thus the craft of carpet weaving creates thousands of jobs and supports communities.

Contributing to the world’s arts and crafts heritage would be an honor.